Week 4 – Business Analysis Persepctives


This chapter mainly talks about leadership and management and perspectives of the Business Analyst. The chapter starts by describing leadership and what characteristics a leader should have. It also describes the 21st century organizational changes. Today’s Organizations engage in hundreds of simultaneous projects and by doing so many projects the environment competition in the marketplace has changed and the projects are becoming the main focus in the organizations. The main difference between management and leadership are leaders are risk seekers while managers are often risk averse. Then the chapter goes on and defines how a manager or a leader can be affective in many ways, what authorities and responsibilities they have. Leadership than is related to business analyst and how an BA can manage the project effectively also describing a BA should be visionary and sustain the culture of creativity in the project.


The authors have addressed the topic in a decent way going through every aspect of leadership and how should the project be managed. They also talk about BA being a change agent and a leader and what are the responsibilities required to accomplish better results in a project.


The chapter’s objectives were quite clear and straight forward focusing on the aspects of BA with leadership and the responsibilities with it.


Hass, K. 2011, The Enterprise Analyst: Developing creative solutions to complex business problems, Management Concepts, Inc, Chapter 4

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